Add Your Photos and Let Buck Finder Sort Them
-Automatically for You!

Separate the Bucks from the Does!

...while you spend time in the woods

Easily Sort And Find Your Buck Images From Your Field Cam


Simply create a folder and upload your photos from your trail camera.


Your photos will be automatically sorted into useful categories. Easily find your deer, Hogs, other animals, and even look for poachers on your property.

Download & Archive

Simply download your photos for long . For your convience your photos are automatically compressed to make long term storage even easier.

Easily Find What You Are Looking For and Even Separate The Bucks From The Does!

An innovative approach to trail cam footage

Stop looking through a bunch of empty photographs.  Have your computer do the work for you.  Our system is powered by Google and features Advanced Machine Learning Technology.  Over time, the algorithm becomes smarter and smarter.

The Smartest Way To Sort Your Trail Cam Footage

The smartest way to analyze
your trail cam footage

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