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 Like you I spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours monitoring deer with trail cameras.   The planning is time consuming and the logging is sometimes inconvenient..  I love the trips to the ranch all year around and don’t mind the work that comes along with it preparing for hunting season. 

I love to take my kids to the ranch and see them have fun doing what I did growing up, instead of playing on phones or watching TV.   I started noticing the amount of time I was spending in front of a computer going through pictures instead of spending time with the family and friends.  This is when the concept of Buck Finder was born. 

Buck Finder allows you to sort your pictures into groups to avoid looking through hundreds of pictures of wind blown objects, coons, squirrels, hogs etc.… This means more time doing the things you should be doing in the outdoors

I don’t know about you but I would much rather be cooking or just standing around the camp fire telling stories than looking at the computer. I have big plans to keep updating this product to do even more to help you harvest that big buck or whatever animal you are after.

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Buck Finder is a constantly evolving and learning platform.